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Want to learn more about our team? Just send us an email and we'd be happy to respond.

Sponsor Us

UMD Loop sponsors are typically corporations who provide donations either through monetary means, or through in-kind product donations. Sponsors receive a variety of benefits, which are detailed in the table below. You can become a UMD sponsor by contacting us through the form above. From there we will direct you to the appropriate points on contact within the university. UMD Loop also has donors, who are individuals with a desire to support the future of transportation. Donors are encouraged to donate through our College Park Foundation account, which can be reached by clicking the button below. We greatly appreciate the support our sponsors and donors have provided us. Without them, the Hyperloop would not be coming alive here at the University of Maryland.

For more information on our team and how you can make an impact as a sponsor, take a look at the various sponsorship documents below. You can also email with any questions or inquiries.


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